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Ground Sleeve & Cap Kit
Posts not included & Fence not included
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Includes : 
• Ground Sleeves
• Yellow Caps
• 1pk Auger Bit
• Ground Sleeve Installation Tool

1" PVC Pipe 5' Long Schedule 40 (NOT INCLUDED) Cost less than $2 each pole at your lumberyard. It is less expensive to buy it in 10' sections then cut it in half with a hacksaw. Home Depo sku # 136293 Menards sku # 689-9901
NO FENCE INCLUDED, Fences have a separate listing.

The original flexible safety fence! the safest fence in the world. The company patented this system 26 years ago, & has been making & perfecting these fences since that time. They are made in the U.S.A. Perfect for all levels of play. Made from high performance materials that are weather resistant and UV protected to offer many years of trouble free use. Durable enough for the most demanding tournaments, yet very economical for those tight budgets. Attractive, easy to set up and portable design will be a home run for any program!

SMART-POST GROUND SLEEVES are used for temporary installation. Ideal if fencing needs to be removed or replaced often. Each ground sleeve measures 12" and includes a yellow debris plug.

Auger Bit 1pc Auger bit is included with each kit. It goes in your electric or battery powered drill. Don't crowd it or it screws into the ground. Let it work. Don't push it. It will dig into the hardest soils & you will have a pilot hole for the ground insert in a minute or two.

Ground Sleeve Installation Tool 1pc. is included with each kit. put it in the ground sleeve & use a rubber mallet to drive sleeve into the pre-drilled pilot hole. Yellow Caps 1 yellow cap is included with each ground insert. When you take the fence down in the off season, or you can take it down to mow & throw it to the side, then quickly put it back up. These 

yellow caps snap into the hole 

Pictured Black Caps These are included when you buy the EZ pocket fence. Check out our EZ Pocket fences on eBay using the link above. The 50' Pocket Fence comes with 6 Black Caps, 100' 12 pcs caps, 150' 18 pcs caps. We also sell the black caps separately. They are NOT INCLUDED with this listing.

Installation Tips I have several pictures above. • The outside(end) posts will tend to pull in some, since for safety reasons they are flexible. Angle them out slightly when installing. Also if you want them to be more stiff, you can cut a 10' pc. of 1/2" electrical conduit in half & insert them inside of the 2 outside poles. They are hollow so they fit right in. • If you live in a very windy area,You will want to cable tie the fence at the bottom of the pole, or stake it down in a few areas • Use an auger bit in your cordless drill, or a 6' bar (pictured above), to make a pilot hole before tapping in the ground sleeve. • You are going to love this! Instead of weed-eating around this fence, pull it up, throw it to the side, mow where it was, and put it right back up in a few minutes time. • Any installation questions feel free to call Jones-Sports 573-881-4024

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