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Birds for Sale


Pinnon Hatch Farms 
No Better Fowl in the World Today

All birds are for breeding and other legal purposes only. None sold for any illegal purposes. Do not buy our birds if you are planning on using them for anything illegal. If we think you are using them for anything illegal we can not sell them to you. Please do not ask me to violate any laws. Whether we agree with them or not we here at Pinnon Hatch Farms, to the best of our ability, try to follow all local, state, and federal laws regarding selling & shipping brood fowl across state lines. All are shipped in USPS approved shipping boxes with all required U.S.D.A. & or N.P.I.P. forms.

4-30-2014 Friends, This has been a very busy spring. I posted 2 more stag pictures today. These will probably be the last 2 we ship until September. We are also sold out of all pullets and hens that I can part with right now. We are going to be shipping day old chicks & hatching eggs every week for the next several months. yfis Bruce


To place an order you can call Bruce Jones at 1(573)881-4024 Mon-Sat from 9am-7pm CST (no calls on Sunday please) or email him at pinnonhatch@yahoo.com

We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, & Discover.


4-30 Pure YLH $100 This Stag is a late hatch from last year. He is a little small, and won't get much bigger. He will have the beautiful long tail feathers. SOLD


4-30 Pure Lacy Roundhead SOLD Juan Hernandez


4-20 Pure Regular Grey $200 SOLD Marcos


4-2 Pure Lacy Roundhead $250 SOLD Marcos


Friends, To my friends living in Hawaii, Guam, and P.I. this is what we are doing in Missouri in February. My Wife, 3 of our Children, 1 grandchild, son-in-law, and lots of friends all of us out playing ice hockey today, and roasting hot dogs. Good times in Missouri. I do start wishing I was on the beach closer to the end of winter though. lol.

Day Old Chicks

12-14 This is one of our Madigin Claret Hens that hatched out some chicks for us last year. They are the best brooders that I have on the farm. We are starting to take orders for chicks to be shipped in March on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Thanks Bruce