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Young Trios . . . . . . . . . . . $500 & Up 
Mature Trios . . . . . . . . . . $750 & Up 
Brood Cocks . . . . . . . . . . $500 & Up 
Brood Hens . . . . . . . . . . . $250 & Up
Stags . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $200 & Up

My world-famous grandfather bred and fought game fowl when it was legal in the U.S. for over 60 years, winning a world championship and hundreds of trophies. Even though they can not be used for fighting anymore, we have selectively bred for gameness and sheer beauty to maintain and keep these magnificient families of fowl. 

I try to keep my grown birds in a minimum of 200 sq. ft. of grassy area per bird, unless they are in moveable pens that can be kept on fresh grass. They are well fed, preferring grass, garden scraps and bugs in the summertime. They are extremely healthy and well taken care of. The rich woodsy bottom land I live on seems particularly conducive to raising strong healthy fowl. I am a member of the National Poultry Improvement Plan and test Pullorum Typhoid and Avian Influenza Clean. All of our birds are vaccinated. 

Eggs and birds are sold for breeding, agricultural, and exhibition purposes only. I do not sell fowl for any illegal purposes. No birds or eggs sold for fighting purposes. Please do not ask. 

To place an order you can call Bruce Jones at 1(573)881-4024 Mon-Sat from 9am-7pm CST (no calls on Sunday please) or email him at pinnonhatch@yahoo.com



From my grandfather Herman Pinnon's best blood lines that my brother and I got in 2002 when he passed away. We maintain his Pure Yellow Leg Pea Comb Hatch, also commonly known as Pinnon Hatch or Yellow Leg Herman Pinnon Hatch. We have bred extensively to the double-nose right out (13 time winner bloodline). If you look back in your Gamecock magazines 30 years ago, he was the only one advertising this breed, and he bred them since the 1930s. This is his breed. They have been in the family for 70+ years. They are very famous in the Philippines, Guam, and Hawaii, and cross well with most any breed, adding strength and intelligence.

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New Breed!

We will begin selling a very limited quantity of hatching and day old chicks from this breed in 2014.  Steve A. Ginn created this breed in the late 1800's.  Family History says that S.A. Ginn took one of these prized roosters to the White House to compete against one of President McKinley's roosters. The Toppies we have came from Paul Bond. He got them from Noah S. Crow in about 1960. Noah used to walk birds for Steve A. Ginn & obtained them directly from him in the early 1900s. Steve would let Noah have 1 or 2 birds every year for raising them for him. The males come a light silver grey to a solid white. The hens are very uniform with red fiery eyes.

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Have been in the family since 1946. Grandpa got these from Col. Madigin's son-in-law. They are a rare and very successful bloodline. They are a beautiful wine red color and about 70% will come black spurred I regularly get e-mails and phone calls on how much people like these Clarets. They are so pretty they hurt your eyes. My Grandfather once said, "If he could keep only one of his bloodlines it would be his Madigin Clarets because they can't be remade, all the original blood is gone" more info



The Greys came from Fred Ettleman. He is well known for having good Grey blood. Unfortunately his health had been failing. I purchased the rest of his Grey blood directly from him. They are the pure Regular Greys, 100% green-legged, 100% straight-comb. The history of the Regular Grey as I understand it is they are a Madigin Grey and a Brown-Red cross originated by Col. Madigin and Hanky Dean.

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These are from Rat Graves out of Oklahoma. We have had them about 10 years. They are out of his double-right blood line. I believe they are as good of a Leiper blood as what you can find. If I thought there were any better I would have them. I prefer and try to encourage the darker red hackles on our Leipers.

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5-10 Albany22.jpg


These came from my Grandfather's good friend James Ferrell who got them directly from Reb. Reb obtained these from Roy Guire. These are pure and uniform, the real ones, pea-combed, dark hackled, and yellow legged Something that most people don't know is that Johnny Moore originally got his Albanys from Reb.

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Grandpa got these from Oscar Atkin back in 1974. Grandpa & Oscar were very good friends and traded birds back and forth for years. They are a very intelligent bird. Over on the Islands they like to cross these with our YLH.

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My Grandfather got these Radios from Kenny Smith back in 1987. Grandpa would also do some trading with Johnny Jumper to keep his Radio Blood fresh. He liked to cross them with his YLH for show birds. Johnny Jumper originated & named the Radios. Here is what Johnny Jumper said,"Cecil brought me a rooster to train one time...and this rooster was very noisy. He was happy, happy all the time. So, I trained him and uh I'd exercise him and he was just so noisy. He had a great mental attitude. So, I named him Radio. I gave him the name Radio cause he talked all the time. And that...that name stuck with those chickens since 1962. And course people call "you the man that invented uh come up with the radios?" and I say well I com up with this one rooster you know and so I bred him to 1 Kelso hen then I bred him back to 7/8 of him and that's how the...and I still have that family to this day. We call them Radios but they are red chickens with yellow legs. Their basic bloodline was 1/2 Whitehackle I was telling you about and 1/2 Murphy. They come from Mr. Murphy up in New York. That's what the rooster was made up out of, but we still have them today and they have such a great mental attitude. That's so important...the mental attitude."

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